The SDCC Open Knowledge Resource
The SDCC Open Knowledge Resource


Welcome to the SDCC OKR

This site is meant as an soft- and hardware application supplement to Sandeep Duttaīs free ANSI C-Compiler for MCS51 targets,External linkSDCC.

Because the SDCC mailing list isnīt the right place to discuss things like "How is a LCD controlled in C language..." some programmers decided to make their useful routines and knowledge available for other programmers. This is the right place! The wheel musnīt be invented two times...

The SDCC OKR is also a good starting point for newbies on SDCC and/or micros.

The SDCC OKR is a page where everybody can publish some useful basic or special (of course tested!) ANSI-C routines which can be compiled and used with SDCC.

How can i publish some code?

Just send a mail with a one-line-description of the package contents, your name, your e-mail-address and the compressed package attached, to the External linkSDCC OKR PageMaster (a package should contain the well commented sourcecode, a detailed description of the functionality and maybe schematics and these things).

In the meantime, SDCC supports much more than the MCS51.  So if you wrote some code for a special platform, donīt hesitate to publish this code too!

And now, have fun programming your ĩC by using SDCC...


Best regards, Thorsten











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